Xinjiang Ban Imposed On All Goods Of China By The US

xinjiang ban
xinjiang ban

Xinjiang Ban was imposed by the US government when it passed a bill in this regard. The bill states for the ban of all the products of China. This decision was taken as a response to brutalities against Muslims & Uyghurs.

Xinjiang Ban Is America’s Response To China Against The Oppression, Says Reports

In a bill that was passed recently, the Senate of the US decided to ban all Chinese goods. China is reportedly forcing laborers to work overtime for productivity. The US strongly opposed this movement. In the light of protecting the laborers, the bill will serve as a strong statement. 

The decision was taken by the Senate unanimously. It stated that any evidence of forced labor shall be strictly dealt with. The bill also stated the ban on every item that had evidence of labor being forced. However, the bill has to be cleared at a few more steps. It has to be agreed upon by the Representatives House. Only then it will be qualified to reach the President for his signature. No reports were found about the timing of the bill proceeding the further steps. 

Mario Rubio, who is a Senator strongly asked the House to take quick actions. She termed the act of forcing someone to act as a crime.  Another Senator Jeff Merkley started that America has zero tolerance towards the heinous act. He further clarified that America is never keen on profiting from labor abuse. As a result, all companies from America will be asked to deny any profits that can be gained from the horrific actions of the CPC.

The Xinjiang Ban is a significant step towards opposing labor abuse. It remains to be seen whether or not China provides any statement.

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