Tropical Storm Isaias Is Heading Heading Toward The Us, Forcing Florida To Close State-Run Testing Sites

Tropical Storm Isaias, initially moving with the speed of 60 mph hit Puerto Rico and is moving towards mainland US though the speed has come down to a great degree.

In anticipation of the storm which is to move through Florida, the State announces on Wednesday that all the state supported coronavirus testing sites will be closed on Thursday until it’s safe to reopen again.

The statement issued by the FDEM (Florida Division of Emergency Management) reports that the drive-thru and walk-up testing sites will shut down from 5 pm “to keep individuals operating and attending the sites safe.”

The FDEM further anticipates that the sites will not remain close after August 5 at the latest.

Mayor Carlos Giménez talks about safety protocols during the anticipated storm amid a pandemic torn world. He mentions that, “if we have a major hurricane here then we’re going to have to evacuate a number of people and then we’re going to have to … try to keep them separated as much as possible. That’s a concern.”

He further added, “When you’re not testing is also a concern. But the greater danger, the immediate danger has to be taken care of first, and that’s getting our people out of harm’s way.”