Stimulus Check Worth $6,557 To Taxpayers For 2019 Tax Refund To Arrive In 6 Days

stimulus check
stimulus check

The federal government of the United States of America has long stopped providing stimulus checks to citizens. However, they still owe some of the Americans tax refunds for the year 2019. The IRS has already issued the final notification to the taxpayers stating the deadline to claim their tax refund. 

These taxpayers are asked to apply to the IRS electronically in the next 6 days. Danny Werfel, IRS Commissioner, mentioned in the press release that the 2019 refund to taxpayers is still owed by the US government. Taxpayers must apply by 17th July 2023. 

Taxpayers Owed Stimulus Check Tax Refunds 

The IRS mentioned the deadline was approaching rapidly and urged the taxpayers to apply promptly. The agency has also shared that there are almost 1.5 million Americans all over the US to file their tax returns for 2019 by 17th July. The IRS further added that the average stimulus check refund amount is nearly $893. 

They have further stated that many citizens might also be qualified to receive the tax credit for earned income. This stimulus check is only offered to moderate and low-income workers. The Americans who qualify for this tax credit may earn a whopping $6,557. 

Tax Refunds And Credits Are Still Due 

The IRS has said that the people eligible for EITC must earn under $15,570 if they are single while couples with a child must earn less than $41,094. They also mentioned that the refund stimulus check payments are kept under the protection of the Treasury in case the taxpayers fail to file within 3 years. 

Taxpayers are eligible to procure tax documentation for 2019 from the IRS website that is necessary for filing. Texas and California have the highest number of citizens who are owed tax refunds.