Rajon Rondo Has Been Accused Of Holding Up A Gun Against His Baby Mama And 2 Kids

Rajon Rondo

Massive changes have been stacked up against Rajon Rondo for his heinous treatment of his children’s mother and children.

The Cavaliers player was recently put on the spot when his long-term girlfriend and the mother of his two children leveled serious claims against him. Ashley Bachelor, Rondo’s former girlfriend and the mother of his two children, filed for an emergency protection order in Louisville last week, according to TMZ Sports. She asked for security for herself, her son, and her daughter, and the account she relates about the alleged encounter is frightening. Rajon Rondo then allegedly continued his disruptive conduct, breaking everything from a teacup to exterior lighting and garbage cans, according to Ashley.

Rajon Rondo Allegedly Called His Kids Cowards

Bachelor claims that the kids were upset after seeing their father lose control, so she attempted to “deescalate” the situation. Rajon, she claims, retaliated with a death threat, allegedly stating, “You’re dead.”

According to Ashley, Rajon Rondo briefly left the house before returning approximately 15 minutes later He reportedly approached a rear door and knocked on the glass with his gun.

Bachelor claims that she had no idea what was going on and approached the door from the inside to investigate. Rondo was seen with the weapon, and she requested him to stop because he was frightening her. Rondo, she claims, ignored her and instead roared, “Go fetch my f**king son!” According to the Bachelor, Rajon ultimately asked that their daughter come outdoors… where she alleges he shouted at both children for being terrified of him.

Thankfully, Ashley alleges Rajon Rondo’s mother and father arrived at the house… and while they didn’t have too much success calming Rajon down, she believes he ultimately departed the scene.

But now, Bachelor is concerned for her and her children’s safety, writing the following in an urgent order of protection on May 13.