Stimulus Check Update- Two Weeks Are Left To Qualify For $800 Direct Payment

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

 It is being reported that most of the American taxpayers have just a couple of weeks before they claim their summer stimulus check payments. The payments of $800 will be issued to those families who will be filing their state tax returns by the 31st of May.

The cashback, which would be coming through a tax rebate, will definitely go a long way in helping close to 3.1 million residents in Colorado, as announced by Governor Polis on the 25th of April. The payments will have a sum of $400 for individuals, while joint filers will receive a sum of $800. The rebates will be aimed at offsetting inflation, which has definitely taken a major toll on the wallets of Americans. 

Stimulus Check Payment of $800 To Be Issued 

In an announcement, Governor Polis mentioned that people had been paying more for everyday items like groceries, gas, and rent through absolutely no fault of their own. Now, rather than the government sitting on the money that the citizens of Colorado earned, they wanted to give everyone a stimulus check back as quickly and easily as possible. This would provide immediate relief while empowering the people around them to do what they want to do with the money on hand. 

It has been announced that to qualify for the stimulus check payments, one needs to be a full-time resident of Colorado. The information from the tax returns of 2021, which should be filed by the 31st of May, 2022, will be used to process the tax rebates. Most of the eligible taxpayers will also be expected to receive their stimulus payments in August or September, according to the state. It is still unclear whether the payments will be sent out in multiple batches or not. 

Not just Colorado, but several other states will be issuing stimulus check payments to their eligible residents. In the state of Maine, close to 850,000 residents will receive rebate checks of $850.

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