Joe Manchin’s Vehemently Opposes The Climate Change Provisions

Hyde Amendment
Hyde Amendment

Joe Manchin, the senator belonging to the Democratic Party, expressed his concerns with regard to the economic plan introduced by his party. The total amount of the plan is 3.3 trillion USD. The plan includes a few provisions that deal with the subject of climate change. As Joe Manchin hails from the region of the state of West Virginia that is famous for coal production, he had some particular concerns. According to his concerns, the provision stated under the economic plan could lead to the elimination of fossil fuels.

Joe Manchin On Fossil Fuels

The serious concern of the Democratic senator, Joe Manchin, can be considered as an important warning sign for the ones who want the plan to get passed. It can only be passed from the floor of the US Senate if it secures the support of all the 50 members. However, the said provision that deals with the climate issue are something that will secure the support of the liberals in the House.

Everything depends on the agenda of the politicians of the Democratic party. If they secure the support of both the factions, a majority of the domestic agenda of Joe Biden, the President, will get the required approval. In fact, it will be done by the end of this year.

Joe Manchin gave a statement after President Joe Biden had a meeting with the Democrats of the US Senate. The meeting took place inside the Capitol building on the 14th of July. He stated that he was really concerned about the provisions that dealt with climate when it came to the economic plan. The bill that is concerned with the expansion of the social safety net is yet to be drafted by the Democrats. And apart from everything, Senator Joe Manchin is a very important figure when it comes to approving the amount of 600 USD in the infrastructure plan.