Randy Arozarena Give Inforgettable Moment To Fans After Homerun Robbery

Randy Arozarena

Randy Arozarena was signing autographs when the game was still going on. Fans get their share of unforgettable moment in the World Baseball Classic.

Randy Arozarena has a intriguing gnack for creating dramatic moments. Team Mexico is on their way to enter the finals of the tournament and Andy become their center of attraction in the semis against Japan last Monday.

The fence and the fans over there caught his attention during the game and he started signing out autographs for them. Kazuma Okamoto of Japan took the pitch deep to the left side of Sandoval in the field. The ball was going over the fence but Randy still had a chance. While the balls were closing in Arozarena timed his jump perfectly to catch the ball robbing Japan’s sureshot homerun in the semis.

This robbery of the home run then met with roars from the fans behind and created an electrifying atmosphere. Randy Aorzarena gave a deadpan look after taking the catch. However, he eventually smiled while throwing the ball back.

Randy Arozarena Gave Unforgettable Moment To Fan:

However, when the next player was coming in from th Japan team, Andy was signing baseballs and flags for the fans in the fence behind him. The player has also interacted with the fans before he put his gloves back on and got back to his position to field for the next batter.

The World Baseball Classic this year has brought a new energy in the arenas this year. Some fans even went on saying that this might just be the best World Baseball Classic ever. The fans in the second semi final match that would decide who will face America in their pursuit to win the trophy, fans created a buzzing ballpark for every strikeout, homeruns, or homerun robberies like Randy Arozarena.