RB Leipzig Lost To Manchester City By 7 Goals To None

RB Leipzig
Das Logo von RB Leipzig an der Wand des Trainingszentrums am Cottaweg

RB Leipzig has been completely destroyed by the immense destruction machine called Manchester City in the champions league. The blue side of Manchester has beaten Leipzig up on seven occasions in the Ro16 knockout stage games. Manchester City released a beast in the game in Erling Haaland who scored five goals in the match. Gundogan and Kevin De Bruyne also added their names in the scoresheet in the 49th and 90th minutes to pile up in the misery of RB Leipzig.

Even though there were some controversy regarding the penalty call in favor of Manchester City, City under Guardiola is going through in the quarter finals of the Champions League. With Erling Haaland by their side, City will probably finally win the ever-illusive trophy this time. However, two decisions by the match referee one being the penalty for City, and another being Ederson picking up a loose ball without making contact to the Leipzig player stays in center of focus in the match.

RB Leipzig Were Thrashed 7-0 By Manchester City:

However, there is no way to know if RB Leipzig could have turned the game around given these decision went in their favor. But even with those situations going in their favor, it would have been tough for RB Leipzig to win the game. Even the most loyal Leipzig fans will probably agree on this.

However, the players of the German team were not happy with those decisions and they did not hold back in the post match interview. Henrichs said that he went to talk to the ref and he assured him that VAR alerted him about the handball. So he checked and gave the penalty. However, he did not forget to mention that even though he thinks that should not have been a penalty, when they lose a match 7-0, there is not too much for them to complain about.