Rebirth of Australian Bush Following the Wildfires

Though the devastating bushfires still eating many areas in Australia, these photographers decided to give people some hope by photographing The rebirth of Australian bush in New South Wales Central Coast.

Mary Voorwinde and her friend spent so much time trying to explore any manifestations of rebirth of Australian bush. And she finally found the signs and captured these incredible photographs.

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Mary stated that her home is just 5 km away of being destroyed by the wildfires. But she got passionate about discovering the burnt areas after the fires passed.

Voorwinde and her photographer friend Murray Lowe captured some incredible pictures of sprouting flowers from the burnt trees.

Mary said: “I was overwhelmed in the way I saw nature just come to life after about three to four weeks. It was actually a sense of hope that I felt.”

“There was one particular image which has all the charred bark on it and you can see the growth and the red bark which sits underneath it,” she added.

She continued: “It’s almost like a shell. That to me is a powerful image because that conveys nature’s resilience. In any catastrophe we build resilience. It was a message of hope.”

“We spent hours on this photographing and exploring. We have been overwhelmed because not far from where we live have been all the fires.”

“We haven’t been directly impacted by them, but we’ve been dealing with the smoke for the last three months.”

See how powerful these pictures are? It’s like the beauty of nature is stronger than all the devastating fires.

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Mary shared those powerful pictures on facebook and it reached more than 26k likes and 40k shares. People were so happy and their hope is back after seeing those photos.

Some users were somehow ironical and commented suspecting Murray that the pictures had been photoshopped. Anyway, some of these areas are burnt from September which is enough time for it to recover.

However,  Koala Hospital Port Macquarie also shared pictures showing the renewal of some burnt areas.

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