Australian GP Won By Charles Leclerc; Max Verstappen Suffers Defeat!

Australian GP
Australian GP

Charles Leclerc made an astounding performance at this year’s Australian GP. He swiftly moves up to the leading position in the 2022 World Championship. 

Leclerc, a Ferrari driver, had been in complete control at the Australian GP. On the other hand, his rival driver, Max Verstappen had to opt out after he met with some technical failure in the Red Bull. 

Verstappen sits with 46 points after 2 clear victories. He is right after Leclerc who recently made an impression at the Australian Grand Prix. 

Sergio Perez, another Red Bull driver, finished second after fiercely battling Lewis Hamilton and George Russell, both Mercedes drivers. 

Ferrari In Front Seat In Australian GP

Mercedes certainly had a disappointing start and was equally bad at the Australian GP. Charles Leclerc’s victory registered him as his second win this season. He has easily emerged as one of the most formidable drivers in F1. 

Red Bull started with hopes of giving a tough fight to Leclerc by pulling out another great performance by Verstappen. However, Red Bull failed to do so. 

Leclerc has reserved the pole position and has a huge margin this season. He managed to distance himself from Verstappen towards the beginning of the race. After that, he bolted forward to Red Bull as Verstappen had tire problems. 

Although Leclerc was challenged by Verstappen at Turn One due to the crash of Sebastian Vettel, the former managed to keep ahead owing to his fresh tires. Verstappen finally retired due to some strange smell emitting from his car. 

Concern For Red Bull 

Red Bull cars have been facing breakdown issues that raise severe concerns. Hamilton did manage to pull through 3rd position but Mercedes needs to rethink their position in the new era of F1

After the Australian GP comes to the GP at Emilia Romagna and all eyes are set on Leclerc.

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