Jenny McCarthy Defends Reaction To Giuliani

Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy chatted with Andy Cohen on Wednesday about Rudy Giuliani’s debut on the show Masked Singer. Last spring, the former NY attorney for President Trump performed on a competition show.

Panelists Jeong and Thicke went offstage for protesting after McCarthy was “unmasked,” but McCarthy stayed.

Jenny McCarthy Was Completely Shocked

“You know, I [was] really surprised, like everyone who gets exposed,” Jenny McCarthy remarked. Everyone has their own place for dealing with shock. It was difficult since it was an extremely political person who polarised half of the country. He was originally from the Midwest and has a lot of family members.

Giuliani is now barred from law practice in NY and has been charged with professional misconduct by Washington DC.. According to the New York Bar, Giuliani attempted to upset the presidential election 2020 by making “false and deceptive remarks.”

Despite his questionable look, McCarthy backed him up like any other star.

He sort of checked with himself at that point and said he would be a professional, and was hoping that this program brings both sides together,'” McCarthy said of the incident.

There needs to be a place somewhere where people can have fun.

Rudy Giuliani’s presence among his grandkids. He wasn’t there to conduct a political campaign. He just stood there and said that he’ll complete the concert and give him at least that.