Matt Schlapp Is Accused Of Sexual Assault By Fellow Republican: Male Strategist Accusation Against ACU Chairman Bolstered By New Text Messages

Matt Schlapp

Far-right conservative policy think tank chairman, Matt Schlapp, who was earlier accused of sexual assault by a male party member, received a further setback on the issue. A new round of text messages exchanged between the staffer and an acquaintance bolsters claims of the attack.

The new set of texts from the staffer on the night of the alleged assault mentions that Matt Schlapp was furious that the GOP member did not accompany him to his hotel room. He also mentions to the acquaintance in the text that Schlapp had made inappropriate advances without his consent.

The Republican campaign strategist has provided the texts to CNN. The staffer said that  Schlapp fondled him inappropriately as he drove the senior Republican politician back to the hotel. Schlapp then invited him to his room, though he declined the offer and exited quickly.

Staffer Says That Walker Campaign Leaders Had Been Supportive Of His Accusation Against Matt Schlapp

The staffer then discussed in the text with his acquaintance about complaining the matter to his superiors about the sexual advances made by their surrogate.

Schlapp’s group runs the Conservative Political Action Conference, an influential annual meeting. His lawyer denied the accusation. Charlie Spies said that the allegations were untrue and Matt Schlapp had denied any form of inappropriate behavior.

Spies said that Schlapp was contemplating legal options in response to the allegation, which he claimed were fabricated. The ACU has stated that it continued to stand firmly behind Schlapp and had complete faith in its organizational leadership.

The 30-year-old staffer notified the Herschel Walker campaign the day after the alleged incident. He stated that the campaign team had been fully supportive. He said that senior officials of the Walker campaign.

The staffer has been offered multiple options by the campaign, including legal support, therapy, a meeting with the press, and contacting the police.