Jen Psaki Speaks Up About Biden Calling Question Stupid On Hot Mic

Jen Psaki
Jen Psaki

Jen Psaki, the Press Secretary at the White House, has spoken up on comments made on a hot mic by President Biden. The President had remarked that the question asked by a Fox News reporter was stupid. The question was about the Russian-Ukraine standoff and the US response to it.

Biden had earlier refused to equate a minor incursion with a full-scale war in the troubled region. He said that the two would merit different responses, which cause a flutter around the world.

A reporter asked Jen Psaki if the US president was conscious that he had been on a live microphone. The correspondent, Jacqui Heinrich further asked Jen Psaki the reason for the President being dismissive of the idea of acting proactively to deter Russian President Putin from making any move.

Jen Psaki Assured Reporters That The President Has Been Firm In His Dealings With Russia

Jen Psaki assured the reporter that the president was not dismissive of the idea, and that had been proved by the actions taken over the past few days. She pointed out the support to and approval of several sanctions forwarded by the Treasury Dept. two days ago.

Jen Psaki also said that America has given military and financial backing to Ukraine even as it faces the prospect of more hostility from its powerful neighbor. She said that it was apparent that the President was not waiting and the steps that he initiated were proof of that.

Liberals members of the media were appreciative of the President’s press conference and said that never once has he belittled them.

But a former official of Barack Obama’s administration said that the question put forward by the reporter was relevant as America continues to allow the Russian President to fix the agenda time and again. He said that it was time the US stopped being reactive and set its timeline and conditions.