Rep. Madison Cawthorn On Election Fraud

Madison Cawthorn
Madison Cawthorn

Madison Cawthorn, the US Representative belonging to the Republican Party, gave a statement on the elections that would take place in the future. The Republican politician stated that there is a high chance for the bloodshed to take place in the said elections. He also talked about the unscientific claims regarding the elections that most supporters of Donald Trump, the former Republican President, usually do. Republican Madison Cawthorn advocated the false theory of voter fraud and election security. This incident took place on the 29th of August.  

Madison Cawthorn’s Contradicting Words 

The statement given by the 26-year-old Republican and North Carolina-based politician was made at one of the GOP events of his county. In the event, Madison Cawthorn repeated the same old story of how the 2020 presidential election was actually rigged when it was former President Donald Trump who was the actual winner. It was stated that the election was “stolen.” There is no such official evidence backing the theory of most Republican politicians. William Bar, the Attorney general appointed by former President Trump, and the elections officials of the Republican Party are the two parties who have clearly stated that fact that the rumors are just lies. 

However, the lawmakers belonging to the Republican Party are all hell-bent on spreading the lies. Luke Ball, the spokesperson of Madison Cawthorn, stated that the Congressman did not want any form of violence to occur when it came to the system of election integrity. It was also stated that the Republican politician absolutely hates any form of violence and that he is in strong favor of a peaceful resolution when it comes to election issues. As against the recent statement, Representative Cawthron had earlier, accepted the election results stating that no such fraud had taken place.