Cops Go To Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Home In Answer To Swatting Call 2

Marjorie Taylor Greene
Marjorie Taylor Greene

Georgia law enforcement officers again visited the home of Republican Representative Taylor Greene overnight after a person opposed to her hostile attitude towards transgender rights called up 911. The second ‘swatting’ call claimed falsely that a person was shot several times inside a bathtub in Rome in Georgia.

Five officers of the Police Dept. of Rome were dispatched at 1:04 Eastern Time. They only learned on the way that they would be reporting to Marjorie Taylor Greene’s home. They reported at her home and the GOP Congresswoman met them and reportedly assured them that there wasn’t any issue, and it was a prank call.

The officers also checked the home of Marjorie Taylor Greene. Later the police department received another call from a person whose voice was distorted by an online device over a computer. He said that he was responsible for the Marjorie Taylor Greene call.

The person who called up the police department said that he and others were concerned and upset at Marjorie Taylor Green’s stance on the rights of transgenders. They admitted that the group was out to swat her, according to police reports.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Has Sought To Make Gender Affirming Care To Minors A Felony

The police department disclosed that they are closely cooperating with the Capitol Police in the ongoing investigation. There were no comments from the US Capitol Police.

Marjorie Taylor Green, an ultra-conservative lawmaker who has the backing of the disgraced former president Trump, last week presented a bill in the lower house that strives to turn into a felony case if someone seeks to offer gender-affirming support to minors coming out as transgenders.

The legislation comes even as there is a growing Republican-backed right-wing crusade against such treatments. The Republican Supreme Court judges have backed such groups and their line of action. They recently targeted the children’s hospital in Boston which has been the target of right-wing hate mail and hostile calls that included threats to indulge in violence.