Ted Cruz’s Action On The Border Crisis

ted cruz
ted cruz

Ted Cruz, the senator from the state of Texas belonging to the Republican Party, took action on the southern border crisis of the state. The Texas-based senator asked the members of the Judiciary Committee of the Senate, only those belonging to the Republican Party, to extend an invitation to the mayor of the city of McAllen. It is to be noted that McAllen is a border city. 

Ted Cruz’s Letter

Republican senator Ted Cruz told the Democratic members to do so in order to give certification which is a part of the demands placed by the Republican Party that wants the said committee to hold one of the hearings with regard to the crisis that was ongoing at the state’s southern border.

A letter was written by the 50-year-old Republican Ted Cruz, to Dick Durbin, the chairman of the judiciary committee. In the letter, it was stated that McAllen’s story was to be included in any of the hearings that were related to the border crisis. And the best person for that matter was Javier Vilabolobos, the official mayor of the border city. It was stated in the letter that Javier was the best person to carry out the job. 

The Texas-based Republican Senator urged the concerned authorities in the letter to let the mayor tell about the crisis that was currently going on in the area. This action of the Texas-based senator Ted Cruz comes as one of the latest incidents where the Republicans are pushing to arrange a hearing in the committee that is controlled by the Democratic Party. A dramatic increase has been witnessed in the United States of America when it comes to migrants. The number started going up especially in the month of April last year.