Lanhee Chen Sets Out To Change California’s Political Terrain

Lanhee Chen
Lanhee Chen

The Republican Party in the state of California does not have a strong political influence. This has been the case since the year 2006. The influence of the Democratic party is extremely strong due to which the Republicans could not bag even a single office in the state. However, Lanhee Chen, the policy advisor of the Republican party is hoping to change the scenario. He had been one of the GOP advisors for a very long time. He is aiming to change the scenario when the recall election of Gavin Newsom, the acting governor of the state takes place.

Lanhee Chen’s Agendas

Lanhee Chen has a very strong experience when it comes to his field of work. He had been the policy advisor concerning the subject of health during the re-election campaign of George W. Bush, the former President of the country. The 43-year-old Republican has also worked as the man behind the policy agenda during the presidential campaigns of Marco Rubio and Mitt Romney. He is looking forward to launching his bid for the seat of the state controller for 2022 this Tuesday. 

Lanhee Chen is aware of the fact that the place that he seeks to achieve is extremely unsteady and full of faultlines. When it comes to his academic background, he is a four-degree student from the popular Harvard University. Irrespective of everything, he is determined to walk his way. He is all set to convince the voters of the state of California that the one-party rule policy of the Democrats that is going on in the state is causing a lot of harm. The term attached to explain the scenario is “policy sclerosis.”  The main idea behind the campaign of the Republicans is a system of accountability complemented with a creative thinking pattern.