Ron Johnson Vehemently Denies Climate Change

ron johnson
ron johnson

Ron Johnson, the senator belonging to the Republican party, made his point again with regard to climate change. He stated that he is not someone who doubts the climate change phenomena. However, a video clip of him found by one of the news sources proves otherwise. In that video, the Republican senator can be clearly seen denying the fact. He can be seen claiming to his fellow party members that climate change is “bullshit.”  The news resource got hold of the video after about two weeks the incident took place. 

Ron Johnson’s Ignorance

The 66-year-old senator from the state of Wisconsin mentioned Lord Christopher Monckton, the climate change denier from Britain, while he made his claims. Ron Johnson stated that he completely agrees with the British conservative according to whom, climate change is not serious or real. The Republican senator did not utter the words clearly but he can be seen mouthing it vividly. The Wisconsin senator is also one of the members of the committee of “Commerce, Science, and Transportation” of the US Senate. Ron Johnson also questioned the shifting movies of the country to the climate crisis. 

The comments were made in the luncheon event of the women of greater Wisconsin belonging to the Republican party. It was held in the city of Wauwatosa, one of the major cities of Wisconsin at a place called the “Alioto’s.” The comments made by the senator, Ron Johnson, go public at a time when a major part of the continent of North America is going through the kind of heatwave that was never seen before. As per sources, it is to last until the middle of July.

Scientists have claimed that historic climate change is due to the ongoing climate crisis. Many people have lost their lives in the region of the Pacific Northwest due to the rise in temperature. The emergency rooms of the region are also occupied.  

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