Eric Adams Gains Victory Over Kathryn Garcia

Eric Adams
Eric Adams

Eric Adams, the ex-police captain, gained victory in the election to become the nominee for the mayoral seat of New York City from the Democratic party. According to his appeal, he shared his strategy that would be a balanced one. He claimed that he would bring a perfect balance in bringing an end to racial justice while fighting crime in the region that falls within his jurisdiction. In case he gets elected, the 60-year-old ex-policeman will be the second mayor belonging to the community of Black. He won a lot of votes for the seat in the new system of voting that was introduced for the first time. It is known as the “ranked-choice” system of voting.

Eric Adams, The Democratic Nominee

As per the latest ballot counting, it was reported that Eric Adams was leading one of his closest opponents, Kathryn Garcia. The lead was just one point. And the counting was carried out on the 8th of July. following that, the Democratic candidate was declared to be the winner by the concerned officials. It was done after the new round of calculations was carried out. 

Following the incident, Eric Adams, shared a statement over the social media platform, Twitter, in order to share his thoughts. The former policeman mentioned the various services carried out by him throughout his career through his tweet. He stated that having come from a poor background, he always tried his best to save his neighbors from anything harmful by wearing his bulletproof vest. He also talked about the service that he paid to his entire community when he was president of Brooklyn as well as a state senator. Eric Adams concluded his Twitter state, not by claiming that he was extremely honored to have been chosen for the role. 

The updated vote count from Tuesday included the absentee ballots that went to 125,000. The early votes as well as the in-person votes were already calculated and were released on the 29th of June. According to the counts, Adams had been the leading figure.

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