Republicans Have More Female Supporters In 2022


The electoral divides have shrunk in polling before the 2022 upcoming elections. Young and elderly voters are increasingly inclined to agree with President Joe Biden‘s ideas. In a poll of 1,162 registered voters, 47 percent indicated they are much more inclined to vote for the Republican candidate in their district, while 44 percent said they will vote for the Democratic candidate.

It’s the first time Marist’s poll has revealed a Republican lead on the congressional ballot test in eight years. Republicans enjoyed a 5-point lead in the poll months before the 2014 midterm elections and went on to win control of both the House and Senate.

Republicans Have A Greater Advantage In The Midterm Elections

Democrats had a 5-point lead on the topic in November, and Democrats typically require a lead of at least a couple of points to do well or break even. This is because their constituents are concentrated in metropolitan areas, while congressional districts are structured in a way that favors Republicans across the country. For example, when Democrats took control of the House in 2018, they had a 6-point lead in the poll. Republicans also have significant advantages on several subjects, including inflation, crime, and national security.

Inflation is a major issue for Americans, who rank it as their main concern. It’s worth noting that nearly three times as many independents believe Republicans would do a better job managing inflation than Democrats. Democrats, on the other hand, enjoy significant advantages on LGBTQ rights and global warming, as well as a 12-point lead on the coronavirus.

However, the country is divided on immigration, with many adult Americans uncertain. The Biden administration has stated that Title 42, a provision of the law referenced to keep immigrants out of the nation due to the coronavirus outbreak, would be lifted shortly, so it will be interesting to see how that plays out in the following months. If the ban is lifted, expect a rush of migrants at the US-Mexico border.