US Agent: Origin And Journey Of The MCU Character

US Agent
US Agent

The finale of the tv series of the MCU, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, makes a new turn of events. John Walker, played by the actor, Wyatt Russell, who is chosen to be the next Captain America, is not confident with himself. He accepts the fact that he does not deserve to take the place of Captain America. Instead, he goes on to become something he never imagined becoming. That is the “US Agent.”  

US Agent Transition 

As per the Marvel comics, the journey of John Walker into becoming the next Captain America ended when he was manipulated into thinking that he did not deserve to become the upcoming Captain America. This is what led Steve Rogers, the real Captain America, to consider reassessing the mantle in Captain America, issue number 350. 

Following this, John Walker makes his return as a new character, US Agent. This takes place in issue number 354 of the MCU comics. Walker also takes up a new getup as he returns. He carries the “vibranium” shield that he previously owned. He also enters with Steve Rogers’ black costume that he used to wear back when he was known to be “The Captain.” This is a reflection of the disillusionment of Rogers after having been made to be answerable to a whole different agency. The name of the agency is “Commission on Superhuman Activities.” The role of the US Agent was totally under the control of the said commission. 

The journey of the US Agent as a Captain America had been very different from that of Steve Rogers. Walker was controlled by the government of the country, unlike Rogers. And he was very good at it. Before being the US Agent, Walker was a perfect soldier who always carried out the orders that were given to him. He never questioned the authorities on the nature of his work.

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