Residents Of These States Might Receive 2023 Stimulus Checks In May 

stimulus check

As inflation continues to rise, certain states are due to provide stimulus checks to residents from surplus tax refunds to disaster aid. In past years, over 20 states have provided their residents with stimulus checks. Residents of the states of Maine, California, New Jersey, Georgia, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, and New York might receive their 2023 stimulus checks in May.

According to a notice from Maine Governor Janet Mills’ office, eligible Mainers will be mailed Winter Energy Relief Payments by March 31, 2023. In California, residents who have lived in the continuity of a minimum of six months in 2020 and have filed their tax returns by October 15, 2021, are eligible for stimulus checks ranging from $200 to $1,050 by the first half of 2023. 

Under the ANCHOR Tax Relief Program, 2 million families in New Jersey are eligible to receive property tax refunds of up to $1,500 by May 2023. Pennsylvania initiated the Property Tax Rebate Program last year which provided people with disabilities, under 18 years old, widow(er)s, and residents above the age of 65 years with stimulus checks from $250 to $650.

In the summer of 2022, New Mexico issued 2 rounds of stimulus checks to residents, depending on the status of their tax filing, the first round of payments ranged from $250 to $500 while the second round from $500 to $1,000. New Mexico will also issue stimulus payments in 2023. New York’s stimulus program offers eligible property owners tax concessions of up to $1,050. 

Stimulus Check Criteria In Georgia 

The Georgia Department of Revenue has announced criteria for the 2022 Surplus Tax Refund. Georgian residents must have a tax liability for 2021, filed Individual Income Tax Return for 2021-22 by April 18, 2023.