Stimulus Check Update: Lawmakers Have Approved $300 For Hawaii

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

The rise in fuel prices along with record inflation have led to several American states pushing for stimulus check payments to their residents. Quite a few states have already started sending the payments, or are currently in the process of issuing those payments- and Hawaii is the latest state to join the queue. The stimulus payments that Hawaii would be issuing could amount to around $300. Moreover, the stimulus payments have been kept as a target for households that have lower incomes.

Hawaii Could Be Issuing A Stimulus Check Payment 

Just a few weeks back, the lawmakers in the state of Hawaii did approve a stimulus check rebate bill- which was called the Senate Bill 514- something that would aim at giving extra cash to most of their lower-income households. The bill also proposes stimulus payments from Hawaii of around $100 to tax filers with an income of around $100,000 annually, with $300 to those with an income less than that. Tom Yamachika, the President of the Tax Foundation of Hawaii, went on to state that he was glad that the legislators of the state were thinking of issuing some of the surplus money back to the taxpayers.

Also, it is being understood that most of the stimulus check rebates would be issued to each dependent. This does imply that the amount of stimulus payment one would receive would also depend on the size of their household. These stimulus payments from Hawaii would be benefiting taxpayers who previously filed their tax returns in the state in 2021. 

Along with issuing stimulus check payments from Hawaii, Senate Bill 514 will also be setting aside a sum of $500 million for the budget as well as the emergency reserve fund and $300 million for the pension accumulation fund. This is going to be the first substantive state tax refund or credit of its kind since 2007. 

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