Olivia Munn Opens Up About Her Struggles

Olivia Munn
Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn decided to address her struggles with the public. Munn is a renowned actress with a unique flair for creativity. She has stated her inability to interact with certain individuals. She finds it very much difficult to strike up a quality conversation who does not have a proper understanding of Munn’s real self. As a celebrity, it is very common to be misinterpreted. Many top-class celebrities are subject to baseless rumors and false accusations. A public figure often has to deal with misconceptions about themself. The public audience seems to create an imaginary impression and tends to live on with that. This is exactly where the problem for Olivia Munn lies. Munn feels that these false perceptions in a way affect the lives of the person. Let us learn more on this topic below. 

Olivia Munn Uncomfortable Dealing With The Public 

In a recently conducted interview, Olivia Munn was asked to speak about her shortcomings. Munn at once stated that she found it very difficult to interact with individuals having an unreal insight about her. Munn stated that she is very much sensitive about her mental well-being. The actress stated that she would not compromise her mental health for anything. This was the reason Olivia always tried to keep the negativities away from her.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Munn stated that the outside appearance can be faked. One can always go for a good makeover to look attractive. But if the mental state is unstable, no amount of outer comforting can help. So it is very much needed for an individual to take good care of it. 

Olivia Munn also stated that being praised a lot is not healthy. The heap of praise can hurt the person. One can easily feel content and get carried away. An individual can also get depressed if he/she cannot live up to the level of praises offered, concluded the actress.