Kevin Love Withdraws From The Olympics Raising Multiple Questions To Be Answered

Kevin Love
Kevin Love

Kevin Love, from the Cavaliers and Gregg Popovich, head coach, leading the USA Men’s National Basketball Team to the Tokyo Olympics, had a singular goal in mind. The goal was to ensure that Love used the summer to reboot his game with the USA Team, which was needed significantly.

Kevin Love suffered a frustrating stretch of three years which consisted of multiple injuries. Along with injuries, there were also disappointing losses, embarrassing outbursts in the public, tiffs with the management as well as trade rumors. Participating and having a successful run with the US Men’s National Team in the Olympics was a big opportunity for the player to answer his critics. It was the opportunity to make a difference, probably in years. It would have enhanced mental well-being by being surrounded by players with a winning mentality.

Why Kevin Love Left The Team

Kevin Love had an extremely offseason and is said to be in a state of deteriorated confidence and mental health. Love withdrew from the USA National Team in the Olympics, leaving a void to be filled by the management, and numerous questions to be answered. He said he was extremely disappointed for not joining Team USA on their run to Tokyo. He further stated that representing the National Team requires one to be at the absolute peak of their performance and Kevin Love believed he was not at that level. 

Sources reveal that this was not about any new injuries and the after-effects of his bad form in the previous games he appeared in. It was rather the effects of the injury in his right calf that forced him to play only 25 games in the season of 2020-21. Although Kevin Love was confident regarding his health on the first day at the training camp of Team USA, he realized that he was not up for the task once the pressure started building up. He felt that there was zero amount of treatment or rehab that can help him get his form back before the Olympic games.