Harry Reid Eulogized By Biden As One Of The Greatest Majority Leaders In The Senate

Harry Reid
Harry Reid

Harry Reid, the former Senate Majority Leader, was remembered by a bunch of top Democratic politicians which included the POTUS at his memorial service. The service took place in Las Vegas last Saturday, with Joe Biden hailing the Democrat from Nevada as someone one could trust to have their back, while former President Barack Obama remembered him as a fighter who never gave up no matter the circumstances.

Reid, the former Senate Leader from the Democratic end who was the mastermind behind several epic legislative battles throughout 30 years in Congress, passed away at the age of 82 in December after a battle with pancreatic cancer. 

Remembering Harry Reid- One Of The Greatest Leaders In Congress

Harry Reid’s service did great honor to his family, with every one of the late Senator’s children speaking about his love for the state, Nevada, that he helped put on the political map due to spending decades in office.

They also spoke about the pivotal role he had in ushering in some of the most important pieces of legislation in the last couple of decades. Obama considered Reid to be a consummate pragmatist, someone who was absolutely willing to cooperate with people he didn’t like or agree with- for things to get done in an efficient manner. 

Obama further stated that Harry Reid was someone who everyone would want in the trenches with them. His willingness to fight alongside whoever was the President, to stick with them even when adversities were pouring in from every end, and his willingness to stand there and fight throughout the end of his presidency, were all reminisced by the former President of the country. 

Harry Reid’s service and Obama’s speech do serve as quite an important message to all the Democrats in Congress, with moderate and progressive legislators quarreling over the agenda of Biden- which has divided the party to a whole extent.