Michael B Jordan Stands Out In The Amazon Original “Without Remorse”

Michael B Jordan
Michael B Jordan

Michael B Jordan infuses a lot of intensity into the role of the character of Clark. The Amazon Original movie, Without Remorse, is out and ready to be experienced. It is based on one of the novels of Tom Clancy. It is the story of an entirely new franchise that is based on the character of John Clark. It fits squarely inside the universe of Jack Ryan. 

Michael B Jordan Nails The John Clark Character

The character of John Clark has already been shown in two of the movies of Ryan. This is kind of a reintroduction of the character of John Clark. Well, this time the role is played by Michael B Jordan. He has brought a lot of intensity to the role. He first appears in the movie as an elite seal named John Kelly who wants to avenge the murder of his wife. While being on his mission, he crosses paths with a global conspirator. Working alongside Greer, fellow SEAL (Jodie Smith) along with Ritter, a CIA agent ( Jamie Bell), John manages to expose a plot that carries the potential to create a war between Russia and the US. 

In the whole movie, Michael B Jordan was not the sole one standing out in all the fights. Smith also did a wonderful job in the role of an action heroine. She reminded everybody how she can compete with all of her male buddies and colleagues. Smith also played the role of “best buddy” which was all about comforting and challenging John Kelly while Jordan processes his enormous emotional baggage. One can find really good and challenging plot twists inside Clancy Esque fashion. But one can also figure out the ending easily in this domain.

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