When Filming The Sexy Instagram Post “I’m Feeling Good,” Ricky Martin Only Wears A Towel

Ricky Martin

Being a touch hot is nothing to fear for Ricky Martin! The 51-year-old artist published a shot on Instagram at the beginning of this week that only showed the lower portion of his torso. He captioned the picture that he was feeling wonderful. Martin showed his fans a glimpse of his daily ritual in a shot that featured the Nina Simone song “Feeling Good,” from 1965.

Martin is seen leaving the shower while being wrapped in a towel around his bottom torso since the only areas of his body that are visible are his lower stomach and leg tattoos.

Ricky Martin On Feeling Like The Greatest Dad Of All Times

Three days later, Ricky Martin released a montage film that contained the image and other scenes from his weekend at home, including him doing the dishes, clicking a selfie in the mirror, and simply enjoying life. Happy weekend, everyone! Martin said as the caption for the video. Martin has been updating followers on his personal life in between his steamy social media posts. Around February, he shared a picture of his son Valentino, 14, “Tino,” who is a carbon copy of him, showing the adolescent had developed a light mustache in a picture of him receiving a haircut. In August 2008, Ricky Martin gave birth to Tino and his identical twin sibling Matteo through gestational surrogacy, nearly a decade before the musician wed her 38-year-old spouse Jwan Yosef. Martin penned “Baby no more” as the caption. Since then, the couple has adopted son Renn, 3, and daughters Lucia, 4, through surrogacy.

Ricky Martin took his twins surfing in August of last year to honor their 14th birthdays, and he even posted a few pictures from their outing with the message that they had a great time on the beach. “The week of my older sons’ birthdays has begun. For the positive energy and for teaching Valentino and Matteo how to play in the waves, I’d want to thank my brother Alecs,” Ricky Martin continued. Adding that he felt like the greatest father in the world.