Special Forces Officer Paris Davis Rewarded By President 

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Paris Davis is one of those brave Special Forces officers who risked his own life to fight. And he fought a nearly 19 hours long firefight against the Vietnamese. Unlike other officers, he never gave up, he risked his own life to protect his soldiers in the 1965 attack. He always has been a deserving candidate for this award, and colleagues agreed upon it. The award ceremony took place at the white house on Friday. Not only for Davis but for also President it was an honorable moment. Joe Biden feels grateful to present that award to Davis.

Special Forces Officer Paris Davis A True Hero Indeed

Paris Davis proved his position to be a true hero. Special forces Officer was awarded Medal Of Honor. He set up a new bar for heroic deeds for the United States Of America. In his life as a SFO, his devotion and determination brought this award to him after 60 long years. Some do feel he should have received the recognition long ago. He proved to be a selfless person and an officer of this country. Where many failed.

Paris Davis earned his position in the special forces in 1959 as Reserve Component Officer. He did his courses in the SF for two years. Davis felt honored to receive the Medal, Of Honor. But it was never his dream, his dream was to serve this country and he did, and all respect he received was supporting factors.

Being in the special forces he captivated two questionable enemy combatants. He was separated from his army during the attack. Once there was a time, Davis could only see bodies and not grass on the face of the earth. Being in the special forces cost him a lot of bullets to his body, which did permanent injury.