Riley Keough Giving Her Best Shot To Settlement

riley keough

She has been having problems rather than official conflicts with her grandma. It has been a hectic journey since Riley Keough lost her mother and ex-husband. Both of their demises have left her shattered. She has been processing all of them altogether.

She had to come to an agreement with her grandma. She is also the mother of Lisa Marie Presley. She announced the death of her daughter.

Since her untimely death, she has been feuding with her grandchild Riley.

She really likes to avoid drama at the moment.

Lesson Learned And Now Riley Keough Just Wants To Focus On Significant Things

What are those significant things?  It’s nothing but her daughter and herself.

Riley Keough had enough drama and heartbreak. She has now decided to focus on her young daughter. Losing her husband was a huge shock.

With all the court drama surrounding her mother Lisa Marie Priscley’s estate with her grandma is draining her energy.

She has made her daughter her priority. Her daughter comes before anything and is the only person she wants to hold onto.

Riley Keough and Lisa Marie Presley’s mother have come to a consensus. Their attorneys have reached a settlement on behalf of their clients.

They are looking forward to the future with less drama.

Riley Keough and her second husband Ben smith-Petersen welcomed their baby girl in January.

He gave a speech at Lisa Marie Presley’s memorial in January.

How badly he would want to see her daughter grow up.

She hopes to love her the way she loved Riley and her siblings.

He gave a speech on behalf of Riley Keough. She wouldn’t have agreed to the settlement. If it were to put her through legal discomfort. She is satisfied and everything is justified.

The upcoming hearing is on  August 4th. The judge may give approval.