Cherelle Parker Stood Out

cherelle parker

People say when someone tells you, you cannot do that. You must do it twice. Cherelle Parker is living proof. When everyone in Philadelphia expected her to lose. Even worse they sympathetically mentioned how things would be even if there is a chance for her to win.

She may win close to losing. Perhaps the fortune teller was wrong. It’s a massive win for the democratic party members. They finally have a mayor from their party in Philadelphia.

Not only for the party but also for herself. She has become the 100th mayor of the city-created history.

Campaigns Can Be Powerful Cherelle Parker Proved

Historical win for the democratic party. Parker visited door to door and it worked. People believed in her and the result is here.

Previously she served as a state representative. Also a Philadelphia city council member. This time Parker had a victory. She won by 20,000 votes in this election.

Lauren Cristilla is extremely proud of her. She witnessed Cherelle Parker’s hard work. She finished third in the line. Congressman Dwight Evans also felt the same way as Cristilla.

Environment played a huge role in the election. He is one of Cherelle Parker’s supporters. They were confident about her. They knew they have chosen the right person.

She used the key to people’s hearts in the meantime. She has work to do. She needs to communicate with all the people felt voting for her.

They believed she was a worthy person to take care of Philadelphia. Evans feels Cherelle Parker now needs to go door to door and hear everyone’s concerns. She needs to talk to people to know their pain and pleasure. That’s the only way to make the place better.

Cherelle Parker is yet to comment because she was facing some dental issues and couldn’t speak.