NKE Quarterly Sales Estimates Provided by The Analysts


Brokerages have made expectations for the sales that will be announced by the company, NIKE, or the NKE. It is for the ongoing fiscal quarter. The expected amount is 11.14 billion USD. All this information is reported by the research of Zacks Investment. 

The financial estimations for the earnings of the company have been carried out by a total of nine analysts. The highest estimated figure is 11.47 billion USD. Following that, the lowest estimated figure is 10.92 billion USD. 

NKE Has A Positive Growth Rate

The sales reported by the company, NKE, in the same financial quarter for the year 2020 was 6.31 billion USD. According to this information, there has been a positive inclination when it comes to the year-over-year growth rate. The said percentage is 76.5%. The next earnings of NKE are scheduled to get issued on the 24th of June that is on Thursday.

The analysts have carried out the expectations for the full-year sales of the company on average. The expected amount is 43.32 billion USD. This is for the year 2021. The estimated figure falls between 43.11 billion USD to 43.66 billion USD. 

The sales of NKE estimated by the analysts for the full year is 43.32 billion USD. This is calculated on average. The estimation is done for the year 2021. The estimated amount falls somewhere between 43.11 billion USD to 43.66 billion. 

Analysts have also made estimations for the sales of the manufacturing company for the year 2022. The said figure is 48.63 billion USD. The estimates are said to fall between 47.93 billion USD to 49.77 billion USD. It is to be noted that the researched sales of Zacks Investment are all based on average. The survey is carried out by those analysts who are followers of the company. 

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