Paralympian Jessica Long’s Adoption Story Shown In A Powerful Super Bowl Commercial

Jessica Long
Jessica Long

The popular Super Bowl championship’s commercial tells us the heart-rending story of Jessica Long, US’s para swimming star. The Paralympian could not hold her tears after watching the emotional commercial, as suggested in recent reports.

The swimmer mentions that it is not often that she gets emotional. As her record goes, she has even been strong while standing on the medal podium after winning and listening to her national anthem. But she could not stop her tears after watching the moving Super Bowl ad promoted by Toyota.

The car company, Toyota has been a long-time member of the committee on Paralympics. The recent Jessica Long ad highlights the most emotional aspect of her incredible journey. The ad shows how she was born in Siberia with a rare condition for which she had to get her legs amputated at a very young age. It then moves to the scene where her parents get the adoption call from a Russian orphanage. Throughout the time, Jessica Long was seen swimming her way across the path depicting her life’s journey. At the end, she comes off victorious looking at her proud parents in the flashback scene.

Jessica Long’s Emotional Response To Toyota’s Super Bowl Ad About Her Life

Long mentions in a statement that the video has captured her heart. It has occupied an emotional spot within herself. She further adds that the Toyota Super Bowl ad has been able to capture the moment and the intensity perfectly. She says, the way Toyota has captured her life, “brings all of these emotions out that I kind of forgot about.”

The 60-second commercial has captured the raw essence of her being, mentions Jessica Long. She also said that her legs have always been a source of discomfort since quite early in life and she could never talk about it herself. Getting into the sport of swimming made her feel free and gave her confidence, she said.