David Dobrik Resumes His Work

David Dobrik
David Dobrik

David Dobrik, the American YouTuber and podcaster, has returned to his vlogging after several months. He posted his new video. The social media sensation had taken a break from his work following the sexual assault allegations that took place in his project, Vlog Squad. Following the allegations, he had made the announcement stating that he would stay away for a few months. 

David Dobrik After Months

David Dobrik made the announcement on his return over the social media platform, Instagram this Tuesday. The post revealed a photo of the vlogger with a fun caption. It read that he would be releasing brand new vlogs on Tuesdays of every week. The Tuesday video of the social media star revealed him having fun in the state of Hawaii.

This came as a surprise to his friends. The controversy that led him to take a pause from his work does not involve the artist much. In the that went viral, the mother of the Vlog Squad member, Jason Noah, can be seen complaining to David Dobrik that she was concerned about him and that he was the reason she was taking the Xanax sedative. 

The video also reveals Jeff Wittek, the American artist. He had spoken out about his horrible experiences with shooting for the YouTube channel of the 24-year-old social media star. He had stated that his eye got severely injured while he was performing a risky stunt for the video.

It was in the month of March that David Dobrik made the announcement of him taking a break. A report had been filed according to which a woman claimed that she had been raped in the year 2018 November. The unfortunate incident took place during the production of “Vlog Squad.”