Rob Gronkowski Injury: He Faces A Punctured Lung, A Broken Rib, And 4 Cracked Ribs

Rob Gronkowski

Rob Gronkowski, who plays as a tight end for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers told the media that he is currently recovering from 4 cracked ribs, a broken rib, and a punctured lung. He suffered these injuries last week when Tampa Bay lost against the LA Rams. He took a critical hit from Terrell Lewis.

Rob Gronkowski Ruled Out Of Sunday Night Matchup

Rob Gronkowski managed to return to the game after he took the hit but has been ruled out of the match against the New England Patriots. Experts are stating that he can miss weeks of games with the level of injury that he has.

The X-Rays on Rob Gronkowski came back negative, initially as they do not show hairline fractures. An MRI finally revealed the true extent of his injuries.

A team member prayed for his speedy recovery and stated that everyone hoped that Gronk will be ready for the upcoming games. They said that he was a different breed of a sportsman.

The Official announcement was made by the Buccaneers on Saturday. The head coach stated that Rob had made progress but it was not enough to make him playable.

This injury caused a major loss for Tampa Bay as Rob Gronkowski had been superb in all the 3 games. He caught 16 passes while running for 184 yards. He also had 4 TDs to his name. Tom Brady tends to lose one of his trusted targets with his absence.

Tampa Bay is loaded with strong players who can dominate the passing game. Mike Evans, Antonio Brown, and Chris Godwin play at wideout while OJ Howard plays at the tight end.

Rob Gronkowski will be missing the game at a difficult time where Brady and himself would return to Foxborough to face their old team and coach, Bill Belichick.