Louis DeJoy Investigated By The Justice Department

Louis DeJoy
Louis DeJoy

According to the sources, the department of justice is currently engaged in carrying out an investigation into the political fundraising of Louis DeJoy, the postmaster general. The spokesperson of the general, Mark Corallo, gave a statement concerning the news. It was stated that the accused did not commit any crime. However, he claimed that the investigation was concerning the contributions of the campaign that was made by the employees of the private sector. Mark Corallo stated that his boss has always remained an ardent follower of the laws of the campaign contribution and would never violate any of them knowingly. 

Trouble Calling For Louis DeJoy

The spokesperson of Louis DeJoy further revealed some details about the investigation. He stated that the postmaster general was quite cooperative towards the investigation. He answered all the questions that were asked by the US Congress concerning the investigation. Mark Corallo also mentioned the fact that he was given “a clean bill of health” after he disclosed. The spokesperson concluded by stating that Louis DeJoy is looking forward to supporting the department of justice. He too wants the case to be solved as soon as possible.

The Postal Service, however, stayed away from giving any sort of comments. One of the spokesperson for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Sutton Roach, gave an extremely ambiguous reaction when asked about the investigation. Neither did he conform to the Louis DeJoy investigation, nor did he deny.

The postmaster general is one of the strongest allies of Donald Trump, the former President of the country. He had been appointed as the leader of the postal service during the former President’s administration. Following this, he did unveil some controversial reforms in the department during his term of office. One of the directors of human resources, David Young, claimed that DeJoy used to force the employees to pay him. And in return, he paid them with handsome bonuses. This took place when he was the Republican Party’s fundraiser. 

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