Robyn Dixon’s Personal Life Has Been The Talk Of The Show

Robyn Dixon

Real Housewives of Potomac star Robyn Dixon, has been having problems with her husband for a long time, but in a recent episode, she has become the hot topic and her personal life was the talk of the show. Which was clearly an uncomfortable event for her to even sit there. It was an unbearable moment for her to listen to all those dangerous claims that has been made against her husband Juan Dixon. That he made Huger feel uncomfortable in 2019 during an interaction.

Robyn Dixon, Herself Was Unaware Of The Truth

Robyn Dixon’s husband has been unfaithful toward her and other women, she divorced him back in 2012 and later got married to him again this year. And host Andy Cohen along with the producers who charged Robyn Dixon for not telling the whole truth before. In her defense, she got to know the whole story a few days ago.

looks like Robyn Dixon has been protecting Juan Dixon till now, when he started talking to other women online, she overlooked it and as he said he was bored and needed attention, Robyn Dixon justified everything Juan did. She never really cared about what was wrong and what was right.

And all those comments and allegations Karen Huger made are borderline dangerous according to Dixon. And what Juan did to Karen seems like molestation, however, here comes the question why did she stay quiet all these years? She could have fought for her rights and accused him right away but she didn’t.

Dixon further said that Karen Huger seems fragile and her words shouldn’t be trusted, if she cannot bear a firm hug she must not socialize. Robyn Dixon has made up her mind not to see all those allegations which she labeled as false, and, many believe she has gone blind with the love of Juan Dixon. And Karen Huger must be obsessed with her husband because if anything comes she cannot keep Juan out of the talk.

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