Roe V Wade Judgement Asked For Reconsideration By Mississippi Attorney General

Roe v Wade
Roe v Wade

The attorney general from the state of Mississippi asked a favor to the Supreme court of the country with regard to the case of Roe v Wade. As per the argument that was placed, it was stated that the judgment that was given was extremely wrong. The Supreme Court was further urged to overturn the judgment. This incident took place on the 22nd of July. The Attorney General further asked the highest court in the country to introduce a new law according to which abortions would not be allowed after the span of 15 weeks of pregnancy. It is to be noted that the requested law is one of the most controversial topics.

Roe v Wade, A Hot Topic

Lynn Flinch, the politician and, lawyer, while making her Roe v Wade point stated that there was the absence of the basis of abortion in the country. And that was not found in any of the traditions, texts, history, or structure. She also mentioned that it was not a constitutional right as well. This debate with regard to the subject of abortion is one of the historical debates related to the controversial dispute. 

Roe v Wade is one the most important decisions ever given by the Supreme country in the country. With this judgment,  abortion got legalized for women throughout the country. As per the details of the law, a woman can abort as long as there is no viability and that takes place somewhere near 24 weeks of a woman getting pregnant.

The reignition of Roe v Wade adds fuel to the fire of an already hot topic that engulfs the country at the moment. There is a clash between the ones who support abortion and the conservatives. Most of the conservative lawmakers are passing the kind of laws that restricts the option of abortion for women.