Capitol Attack Investigation Unnerves Donald Trump

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Capitol Attack

Donald Trump fears that he may be involved in the present investigation into the Capitol attack. He claims he is innocent but the ongoing investigation has him unnerved. 

Donald Trump, former US president, has questioned Mark Meadows’ decision to reveal details about Jan 6. Donald Trump is not happy about the investigation and the fact that Mark Meadows was assisted by dozens of his staff. Mark Meadows was his former chief of staff.

Capitol Attack Planned By Trump?

Having the Fifth Amendment invoked made Trump upset. He told the associates that it portrays them as guilty and weak. Trump wanted his associates to follow Steve Bannon’s example and ignore the subpoenas. Steve Bannon is Trump’s former strategist. 

New information revealed about the Capitol attack on national television made Trump complain about the unfair and one-sided coverage. He even questioned the competence of White House minority head, Kevin McCarthy. 

Trump’s anger is very similar to the ones he demonstrated when the Russian inquiry was underway and during the special counsel probe when Trump took office. 

Trump’s associates, on the other hand, have concentrated on the select committee’s credibility and composition, contending that the House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, chose two Republican members reduces the inquiry to prejudiced political action.

The House select committee is investigating whether Donald Trump and his top associates orchestrated the Capitol attack to prevent Joe Biden’s victory from being certified. 

Trump’s spokesperson has refused to comment.

Truth is that each day the committee finds new evidence suggesting that Donald Trump, and his top aides, did in fact have a hand in the Capitol attack. The latest evidence obtained is Meadow’s PowerPoint explaining how Trump could stage a coup. 

Trump has been resorting to emails to make statements about the House select committee. He claims that the inquiry is designed to ruin his political career.