Hank Johnson, The Dem Representative Got Into “Good” Trouble

Hank Johnson
Hank Johnson

Hank Johnson, the House of Representative member belonging to the Democratic Party, was one of the people who got arrested on the 22nd of July. The Capitol policemen were in charge of the arrests. The protests were going on concerning the subjects of the rule of filibuster and voting legislation. The protestors were present in order to express their disappointment on the lack of initiative by the Senate with regard to those two subjects. 

Hank Johnson’s Arrest

The representative hailing from the state of Georgia, took to the social media platform, Twitter, in order to talk about his arrest. He also shared a video snippet through his tweet that revealed him in handcuffs. In his caption, Democrat Hank Johnson stated that the kind of trouble he fell into was a good one. The Congressman was not alone in the protest. There were others as well who were detained by the same policemen. 

The 66-year-old Democratic Representative produced a speech during the rally for voting rights. Representative Hank Johnson was accompanied by a number of other Congressional Black Caucus members. They included Jamaal Bowman, the Representative from the state of New York, Missouri-based politician, Emmanuel Cleaver, Toy Carter from the state of Louisiana, Texas-based politician, Jackson Lee, and another Texan, Al Green.

The protectors then went on to march in front of the building where the office of the US Senate is situated. The demonstrators were arrested by the Capitol police for carrying out demonstrations outside the Senate office building. The office of Hank Johnson stated that he was arrested along with some activists of voting rights who belonged to the community of Black. Together, they fought against the inaction of the US Senate with regard to the rule of the filibuster as well as the voting rights.

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