Roger Waters Compares himself To Drake And The Weeknd

Roger Waters

Even at age 78, the former Pink Floyd frontman doesn’t appear to be slowing down or learning to control his tongue. In a recent interview, Waters claimed that he is “far, far, much more important” than Canadian musicians like the Weeknd and Drake, despite the fact that he is not consciously mocking modern musical performers.

Roger Waters started the conversation by wondering aloud why no Toronto newspapers had sent a reviewer to cover his event. The reporter informed him that the Weeknd’s previously scheduled event across town had been postponed due to scheduling conflicts.

Roger Waters Doesn’t Want To Make A Personal Attack

I do not mean any of this as a personal assault. Basically, I thought it was strange and wanted to point it up. And, “with all utmost regards to Weeknd or Drake or anyone else among them, I am far more significant than anyone them will ever be, whatever many billions of downloads they have got,” Roger Waters informed the Globe and Mail.

According to Roger Waters, the subject matter of his work is more in tune with what is occurring in the world right now, and he will be performing 2 nights in a row.

The “Wish You Were Here” co-writer continued by saying that he does not know much about his band mates since he does not listen to music.

Waters also addressed audience members who felt his performance lacked a “upbeat” tone.

In the interview, the singer-songwriter says that his “natural tendency” is to “speak the truth,” hence he does not hold back when discussing his fellow musicians. Before, he is criticised musicians like Nick Cave and Thom Yorke of Radiohead for playing in Israel. During his 2016 performance at Coachella, Waters also attacked then-presidential contender Donald Trump.