Ron DeSantis Campaign Announces $20 Million Raised In 2nd Quarter; PAC Takes In $130 Million

Ron DeSantis
Ron DeSantis

Ron DeSantis is the Governor of the state of Florida in the United States of America. Ron DeSantis has recently made the announcement of having a whopping $20 million for his presidential campaign on Thursday, 6th July 2023. The campaign had begun at the end of May during the time when PAC was supporting DeSantis and has taken in an additional $130 million thus far. 

These 2 hauls have been firing the presidential race of this Republican, Ron DeSantis, which has become quite expensive. The steep expenses are owing to the campaign and TV ads that require a significant amount of cash. DeSantis is leaving no stone unturned against his opponent, Donald Trump, and others. 

Fundraising For Ron DeSantis’ Massive Campaign 

Reports on fundraising are expected to get filed by 15th July at the Election Commission of the Federal government. The totals are not going to get confirmed independently till the filing. The first quarterly report of Ron DeSantis’ fundraising is his very first from the time he announced his presidential campaign in late May. 

This suggests that the $20 million was garnered within a span of 6 weeks. DeSantis’ campaign makes no mention of the spending of this fund post the month of June. 

Fundraising Reports Due Soon From Campaigners 

Ron DeSantis started his campaign and shared that they have been successfully able to raise almost $8.2 million within 24 hours of his initial announcement. Super Pac supporting him under the name of Never Back Down managed to raise a whopping $130 million during the 2nd quarter. Over $80 million of this amount was given to the 2022 re-election campaign of DeSantis in Florida. 

Former US president, Donald Trump, the other Republican campaigner, has managed to raise over $35 million from April to June.