Paris Hilton Dismisses Pregnancy News As Fake

Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton was shocked as she woke up on Tuesday morning. She found her inbox flooded with messages. All of the messages congratulated her on her newly announced pregnancy. However, Hilton has dismissed all the speculations. She stated that nothing of this sort was true. The rumors surfaced when a podcast announced Hilton’s pregnancy. 

Paris Hilton Eager To Conceive After Marriage, Shuts Down Speculations

After the news of her alleged pregnancy surfaced, Hilton was flooded with messages. Everybody started to congratulate her. Hilton however, was quick to shut them down. She stated that she was not pregnant. 

Paris explained her shock when she found almost over 3000 messages on her iPhone. The messages kept coming spamming all five of her apple cellphones. Hilton thanked her fans for the messages but said that the news was false. She stated that she was currently eager to tie the knot. Paris is engaged with her lover Carter Reum. She said preparations are underway for their wedding. 

Paris Hilton expressed her astonishment as to what led to the pregnancy.  She reflected on the fact how false news gets circulated very quickly in the industry. She stated that she had witnessed a lot of rumors and knew how to deal with them. 

Paris stated in an earlier interview about undergoing Vitro fertilization. This would enable her to conceive twins with contrasting genders. This idea of fertilization was passed on to her by Kim Kardashian. Kim was a very good friend of Paris for a long time. 

Paris Hilton expressed her desire to get pregnant after marriage. She revealed her dream of being a mother. She said she would announce the news of her pregnancy when the time will come. As of now, the fake rumors should be put to rest. 

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