Ron DeSantis Files Lawsuit: Fresh Lawsuit Through State Against Biden Over Mandatory Vaccine For Federal Contractors

Ron DeSantis
Ron DeSantis

Ron DeSantis has announced a fresh lawsuit against the federal administration over the mandatory COVID-19 vaccine requirements for federal contractors. The lawsuit seeks an immediate end to what he terms are unlawful requirements that federal contractors must ensure for all their employees.

Ron DeSantis has declared that his administration has sought an injunction to halt the execution of the vaccine mandate. He said that the federal government had no jurisdiction to barge in and force federal contractors to toe their line.

The Florida Republican Governor said that federal contractors might be forced to fire people if they do not comply, and they might lose their contract. This was biased as they submitted and won the contracts. Ron DeSantis said that it wasn’t the way that business should be conducted.

Stringent and sweeping COVID-19 vaccine rules were announced last month by President Biden on large employers, healthcare personnel, and federal workers.

Immediate Response From The Federal Administration To Ron DeSantis

The White House immediately responded to the announcement made by Ron DeSantis. They said that vaccine requirements work. They announced that the President had the authority to impose them.

A White House official said that the raging pandemic had till date taken the lives of over 700,000 Americans. He said that the President, stands committed to taking every step to protect the lives of all Americans and thwart the virus from spreading.

The official said that the President had the authority to ensure the safety of federal workers and promote the efficient working of federal contracts.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, along with the Dept. Of Justice, had previously concluded that the vaccines could be made mandatory by employers.

Ron DeSantis has argued that there would be total disruption in the American economy if the lawsuit failed. The Attorney General of Florida, Ashley Moody, has informed that the lawsuit has named the President and others. The lawsuit is against the President, mandating that all federal contractors are required to ensure that their employees are vaccinated.

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