Gov. Ron DeSantis Willing To Pay Anti-Vaccination Police $5,000 To Relocate To Florida

Ron DeSantis
Ron DeSantis

21 police officers in Chicago have been put on a ‘no pay status’ for declining to disclose their vaccination status. But Ron DeSantis invited such police officers to relocate to Florida.

Even the death of 716 police officers nationwide since the beginning of the pandemic has not convinced some officers to go in for a vaccination. Some have outright declined COVID-19 vaccines. Around 75% of officers have been vaccinated.

But many officers across the nation have opted to go without the vaccine. This obduracy persists even though they face orders that put their continuation in the force in jeopardy.

Governor Ron DeSantis took to Fox News to welcome police officers who have been suspended or dismissed for their failure to conform to vaccination mandates.

Ron DeSantis Welcomed Officers Who He Says Are Being Discriminated Against

21 police officers are going without pay for declining to disclose their vaccination status. David Brown, CPD Superintendent, disclosed that over 67% of police officers complied with the directive of Major Lori Lightfoot. The directive mandates police officers to disclose their status.

Governor Ron DeSantis told officers who had lost their jobs would be welcome in Florida. He promised them a one-time incentive worth $5,000 to police officers who moved into Florida.

Ron DeSantis said that not only does he want to care for law enforcers and their jobs, the state genuinely needs police officers to work in the sheriff and police departments.

Ron DeSantis made an unsubstantial claim when he said that most afflicted first responders had recovered. Many right-wingers and the anti-vaccination lobby have wrongly claimed that people who recovered from the COVID-19 virus had stronger immunity than people who had taken the vaccine.

But studies by the Center for Disease Control have shown that the vaccine has provided the strongest conceivable protection against COVID-19.

Ron DeSantis has also called on these anti-vax officers across the US to give up their jobs. He advised them to relocate to his state if the administration forces them to submit to forced vaccination.

He said that the state of Florida would treat them well and compensate them better than the other states.