Ron DeSantis, Florida Gov., Criticizes Big Tech, Claims Censorship Damages Society

Florida Covid Records
Florida Covid Records

On Sunday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis heavily criticized Big Tech arguing that society is getting damaged due to their censorship. He said censorship is being applied to very important issues such as the origin of COVID, and the efficiency of lockdowns. As such, society is being damaged without this information.

Ron DeSantis Does Not Approve Of The Censorship

In the interview, Ron DeSantis claimed that Big Tech should keep their censorship out of such big issues. The statements come a week later to similar statements made by Ted Cruz, the senator of Texas. He had said that Facebook was clearly using a monopolized position to censor just as the present government wants. He had said this regarding information about the origins and the pandemic.

The comment by Cruz was a response to a statement made by Facebook on 26th May. In it, the company had stated that any posts speculating about the man-made origins of the pandemic will no longer be banned. This comes at a time when officials and President Biden are calling for a thorough investigation into its origins.

This is a reversal from Facebook’s February stance when it had claimed that such speculation was debunked by the WHO. However, presently, a spokesperson from Facebook has clarified that policies may change as more updates are made regarding the pandemic.

Cruz had claimed that Facebook is open to facing legal charges because of this reversal. Ron DeSantis claimed that Facebook labeled the theory that the pandemic was leaked from a lab as a conspiracy. He also criticized the censoring of any lockdown criticism. Ron DeSantis believed that states such as Florida fared better without any lockdown.

He added that these are examples of Big Tech colluding with Anthony Fauci, and performing as the government’s agent. DeSantis’ stance is on the same lines as most Republicans that believe open debate is being stifled by Big Tech.