Ted Cruz’s CPAC Speech Mocks Mask-Wearing & AOC’s Response To Capitol Riots

sen ted cruz
sen ted cruz

Texas Senator Ted Cruz has been in the news for the most week. He has been swirling from widespread criticism to regain the faith of his citizens and then, recently, due to his speech at the American Conservative Union. On Friday, the Senator addressed the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando. His energetic speech took dabs at the guidelines for double-masking, wearing masks in restaurants, as well as Alexandria Ocasio’s response to Capitol Riots. 

He has headlined news channels and papers for his ignorant trip to Mexico while his state was buried under the snow, freezing. The state of Texas had no water, no power, or proper food supplies. Cruz did return the next day “from the first flight” to Texas. And said that his going away on a family vacation in a time like this was “obviously a mistake.” Ted Cruz gave his reason as he was trying to be a “good dad” to his children. And then went on to distribute barbecue and water bottles to first responders in the State. 

Ted Cruz’s Jabs At AOC & Mask Regulations 

A potential candidate for President in 2024, Ted Cruz addressed his visits to restaurants by talking about masks. He said that before being seated, he could not remove his mask. He called the whole scenario “dumb.” He said that everyone was hinting that masks had to be worn for a couple more years. He mocked by calling it “300 years.” And then told that it wasn’t just one, but 2-4 masks. And that one cannot have “too many masks.” Dr. Anthony Fauci said that there was a possibility that Americans could also be wearing masks in the year 2022. 

At the beginning of Ted Cruz’s speech, he seemingly mocked Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for her reaction to her fear of the riots. He said that while Bernie Sanders was wearing Mittens, she was being murdered, she said. She had spoken about how scared she felt during the riots while she was in the Capitol. She mentioned whether she would be able to see the “end of the day.”