Sheryl Crow Reveals The Sexual Harassment She Faced On Michael Jackson Tour

sheryl crow
sheryl crow

Sheryl Crow’s music career is several decades in age now, and she has faced a lot during it. But the 59-year-old singer-songwriter says that she will always remember her experience of sexual harassment while touring alongside Michael Jackson

A Life-Defining Experience For Sheryl Crow

Sheryl Crow was only 25 when she had joined the 1987 tour of the iconic Michael Jackson. Even now, she admitted how thankful she is for that experience. However, that does not mean she will not address the negative sides.

In a recent interview with The Independent, she talked about how incredible the tour was, especially for someone young and unaccustomed like she was. She got to work with possibly the most legendary pop star. But she also got a rude introduction of how the industry worked.

Crow revealed that she was repeatedly sexually harassed by Frank DiLeo, the manager of Michael Jackson. He made promises to her of fame and popularity. At the same time, he would threaten her career if she refused or made a report.

While the tour was going on, tabloids circulated a rumor that Michael Jackson and Sheryl Crow were romantically involved. It had even alleged that MJ had offered Crow $2Mn if she had his child. Crow now reveals that the stories were possibly circulated by DiLeo so that the world would think MJ was into women.

DiLeo passed away in 2011. Nevertheless, as Sheryl Crow revisited the moments, she claimed that it is really interesting given how things are unfolding now. She says that progress has been made now that she is able to talk about his sexual harassment. But she adds that this is not the final destination.

When she came back from the tour, Sheryl Crow suffered from depression. But she fought and recovered to make her solo artist career, starting with Tuesday Night Music Club, the debut album.