Ron DeSantis, The Florida Governor, Is Likely To Solidify The Anti-Riot Bill

Ron DeSantis
Ron DeSantis

According to reports, the Governor of the state of Florida, Ron DeSantis, took a strong decision towards the anti-riot. The information was given out by the staff of the Governor on the 15th of April. in case the Governor from the Republican party happens to approve the bill, the penalty for the protestors who go violent during protests will be a very harsh one.

Ron DeSantis’ Office Released A Statement

The Senate of the state of Florida made the approval the vote of HB 1. The total number of votes involved was 23-17. The proposal had been unveiled initially by Republican Ron DeSantis. It was done in the month of September. The Governor had constantly remained vocal for the passage of the proposal. This took place during the time when the entire country was witnessing protests that gave way to looting and violence.

A statement came in from the office of the Governor. It was stated that the legislation will provide a perfect solution in balancing the right to protest of the people of Florida as well as in ensuring peace. It will ensure that all Floridians exercise their constitutional right to assemble in a peaceful manner while at the same time punishing those who try to cause violence by hiding behind. The office of Governor Ron DeSantis also stated that the legislation will make sure that there will be no such community that will be engaged in the defunding of the police. The statement confirmed the fact that the law would be signed by the Governor.

The Republican Governor and other members of his party are being criticized on grounds of making an attempt to cause a barrier in the system of peaceful dissent. Referring to the decision of Governor Rion DeSantis, Daryl Rouson, a state Senator from the Democratic party gave a statement. He stated that the legislation will not work in stopping anything. Rouson further encouraged the people to keep fighting.

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