Joe Biden Decides On De-Escalating Tensions With Russia

Biden Speech
Biden Speech

Joe Biden, the President of the United States of America, gave a statement on the foreign affairs of the country. It includes the relation of the country with Russia. The President reiterated the decision on the sanctions that were recently announced against the country. There are two reasons that led to this decision. 

It is because Russia stands accused of trying to interfere in the presidential elections of the country and they also launched cyberattacks against the United States. However, President Joe Biden indicated de-escalating the situation. He stated that now was the right time to make a move towards that decision.

Joe Biden’s Conversation With Putin

The United States President mentioned the fact that he contacted Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, following the “de-escalating” decision. The conversation took place through a phone call. President Joe Biden also stated the content of the conversation in detail. It was mentioned that he told Putin that America could have taken more harsh measures against Russia, but they did not. It is clear that the Democratic President has no such intentions of escalating tensions between the countries. However, he also made it clear that there will be no hesitation from his side in reconsidering his actions in case the need arises.

The American President stated that they will not be allowing any foreign countries to make interference in the democratic processes of the country, referring to the situation. He also made the mention of “SolarWinds” in the statement. He also acknowledged the fact that it was very inappropriate of Russia to meddle in the affairs of the election process of the country as well as in the SolarWinds. 

The administration of President Joe Biden had made the announcement on Thursday that there would be sanctions introduced against Russia. It was also announced that some decisions with regard to diplomatic expulsions will also be taken against the country. The reasons for this included the abuse of human rights in Crimea in addition to the reasons mentioned earlier.